Welcome to the online home of the Southern Brass

What’s the Southern Brass?

In one respect, it’s just a couple of guys with horns…

We’re not a proper band – we couldn’t do what we do without the help of a proper band! But in another respect, well… we bring something to the table for each and every band that we have the privilege of playing with.

We add a touch of Brass – we’re the icing…

…on an already fantastic cake. The mission of the Southern Brass is to add horn lines and solos – a little something different to any band that thinks they can use it. We know a lot of folks have taken to trying to use their keyboardists to do this – but there really is no substitute for a live brass section playing tight harmonies and ripping tasty solos! This, in a nutshell, is what we do. We float. We play where the need is. We’re not the star of the show – we’re the supporting cast.

Here’s what we’re selling.

Musical sweetness infused with harmonic vitamins and minerals. We sell stops, pops, swells, and stabs. We sell harmonies that are different than you’ve dealt with before. We sell melodic style AND substance. We sell sonic tension and release.

We work with bands across the board and adapt our style to suit the group we’re with.

This has given us the opportunity to work with bands of all sorts. Over the last few years we’ve had the privilege of playing with rock, gospel, jam, blues, and – of course – jazz units. As an aside here – we’ve never yet had the opportunity to see what we can whip up for a country gig, so if you or someone you know would would like to try adding our flavor to a country group please let us know!

So that’s it.

We’re the Southern Brass, at your service. We invite you to plug us in to your group and hear what you’ve been missing.