The Working Musician #3 – Finding Your Groove

This week we’re fortunate to have muso, family man, and working-class hero DABBIT here to give us some great pointers on how he manages to be all three and still keep his sanity. The Brass would like to express our sincere appreciation for coming through for us in the clutch… THANKS, DABBIT!


Kids and gigs and poverty are the absolute truths of my life these days. It only gets busier, too. More kids and more gigs, in other words. Plus, there’s the dreaded-dull-zone of 9-5 land that it seems I’ll never escape. When it comes to finding a balance between work, family and creative outlets, there’s no absolute approach to any situation. Most of it is based around the concept of sprezzatura – making it look easy when in actuality, there is plenty of behind-the-scenes hard work and sacrifice.

I find it’s a bit like a perpetual motion machine. Once you start going, you get a rhythm and when more things come along, they are either received or rejected – but the momentum builds. When I was younger I loved taking naps. I’m sure when I’m old(er) and more in the way, I’ll lay down a bit more. But until then, the reward of accomplishment outweighs selfish desires of consumption or entertained passivity.

There’s a balancing act involved. You make room for new outlets and cut the fat – things like going out with friends or watching television. The good stuff rises to the top, in other words and the higher truths – your extended family and passion for inspiration become central.

And to me, that’s my main motivation – inspiration with the folks that I love and care about. I want music to inspire people to express themselves – however they see fit. I want them to be inspired to treat their women better and find some type of passion to pursue of their own outside of chasing dollar bills.

Of course, getting paid is part of it. Chances are, you’re worth the pay. Folks will try to squeeze ya and bleed ya and talk you out of compensation, but it’s an important reality. Time has value. Make sure it’s worth your time. Don’t put your efforts into a bucket with a hole in it.

I suppose the best advice is to go and do. Learn and grow. Help and build. Enjoy the ride and blow up your television.

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Dabbit is a south Georgia picker.

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