About Us

The Southern Brass was (unofficially) started in early 2013 after a chance meeting of two horn players – Julian Vickers and Cleveland Kyles. Both had been hoping to find a partner in crime for some time, but neither anticipated that once it happened the chemistry would develop so quickly!

Since that day, the duo that eventually became known as The Southern Brass has played with a number of bands ranging in style from smooth jazz to hard rock, bringing their unique style to the bandstands of several groups in the local scene. It wasn’t until early 2017, however, that they decided to put together a package that was a little more ‘official’ and try to make a go of playing around the Southern music scene. This page, the Southern Brass’ Facebook page, and a boatload of new infrastructure behind the scenes is a result of that effort.

So, we hope that you enjoy your visit here, and if you like what you see pay a visit to the Facebook page and give us a like and a shout out – we’re always checking in there! And do check in here every so often too – Julian’s finding out that he likes this whole writing thing and he’s started getting involved in the blogging scene a little bit, so pay those posts a visit and comment if you feel led to do so.