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There are a few ways to get in touch with us – pick your flavor!


Of course, we’re always EXTREMELY interested in getting hired, so if you’d like to pick up the Brass for an event the fastest way to get that ball rolling is to use our booking page… it’s fast and friendly!

Band mails

Tell us how we’re doing, or just drop a line and say hi – we’d love to hear from you at!

To get in touch with Julian a mail to

To give Cleve a shoutout, send him a message at

Social Media

Oh yes, we wouldn’t be hip to the scene if we didn’t do a little social media right? Feel free to get in touch with us there too! Our Facebook page is here – give it a like and send us a message sometime! And last but not least you can pay a visit to our Soundcloud page to hear what’s happening as this whole thing develops… We promise you we’re about to get with some new postings there too!